Life Pains

Yes, life is hard.
As you grow older, you’ll learn what true heart-wrenching pain feels like.
You’ll realize that majority of the people you once believed in will let you down.
You’ll fall in & out of things that you think are love, & it’ll hurt.
There’ll be people out there that want to see you fall down, it might happen.
But you’ll get up, fake a smile, & move on.
You’ll go from being called a brat to a bitch.
You’ll be pressured to do bad things.
You’ll keep secrets.
You will regret, but forget.
You’ll be heartbroken, and break some hearts.
You’ll fight with your best friend, & either keep or lose that friendship.
Things will get unbearable, & you will spend a lot of time crying.
You’ll miss the spirit of your innocence.
You will survive though, I promise.
You’ll fight on & you will live to see another day.
You will find true love where you least expect it, you will be adored by many.
Life will move on & you’ll realize that all the pain & confusion brought you closer to happiness.
Soren Kiekegaard


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