You’re almost certain it’s the perfect thing; truth is you don’t know it at all. There’s no need to rush, time isn’t to be rushed. Why the rush? Just let the wave get to the tide at it’s own pace without extreme force.

It’s hard to live in the present, when we are living in such a future based Society. Society tells us, go to School, get an education, prepare for your future, The American Dream, etc. All this does is lead us to not enjoy the present moment we are living in.

Recently, I’ve met an amazing woman that shall remain unnamed for a little while. She has really reminded me and taught me how to be present. The future will come anyway, the past already happened, and the present, the present we can never get back. Setting goals for the future is great, but if you aren’t enjoying the present moment, everything that leads you to completing those goals you’ve set, then what does any of it matter?

One can have goals of being able to buy that Mercedes one day, a big house, kids, etc. At the age of what 40? Okay, so now you’re 40 years old and you’ve practically lived half of your life. Let’s say 20 years of planning for the other half of your life, of not being present. Because you planed for that house with the picket fence in that nice neighborhood, and three Educational Degrees.

What good was any of that hard work? Because of material things and physical things that you can see? What about happiness? After about 20 years of really hard work after High School, are you even happy? Material things are nice we can all get them. Happiness within yourself is something money cannot buy. What good are all these things if you’re miserable? Truth is they aren’t any good at all unless you’re happy.


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