Let’s just talk…

Face to face communication, something today’s generation is incapable of doing with astute attention. Technology has taken over human interaction. Younger generations say we’re so smart today being able to use all of this technology, which we have grown up with. I remember logging into AOL in order to surf the net and having a buddy list. I’m not even sure what I used to do online before Myspace. For me it all started with Myspace I know everyone had all these other sites already. The Sidekick came out, it was the coolest phone ever, if you were a teen, you had to get it. Yes, I had one a Sidekick ID. That was my first phone where I was able to have Facebook and AOL Instant Messenger. Since then I’ve had who knows how many smart phones, I’d say around 4 to be safe. I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S4 and this thing is amazing beyond belief. Anyway, back to square one, face to face communication. Yes it’s great having a mobile device that can almost do everything my MacBook Air can. Being able to be connected with everyone wherever you are.

But then we just can’t put them down; we can’t stop communicating with others virtually. Technology has become instantaneous, we are used to grasping information so quickly. No one cares about what goes on in the world, let alone will most of this generation pick up a newspaper. This generation isn’t interested in whose running for president, what’s going on in Europe, Snowden’s trial, the young man that tried to bomb the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Investments, cotton, corn, Radiation problems that persist in Japan, or the ingredients in their food, drinks, gum etc.

Instead today’s generation is just on Facebook, watching Television, or surfing the World Wide Web. Newsflash, Facebook is NOT the news. People’s day, thought’s of the day, Meme, what they bought today, who they’re hanging out with, what they’re eating, or what color Jess painted her nails today. That’s not news that’s chit chat, stalkerish, and is frying your brains. I can’t deal with incompetence. I hope America won’t have to suffer worse levels of illiteracy through our children and the future to come. Kids don’t want to pick up a book and read, it’s too time consuming for them. They rather it be read to them by the device itself or someone who can read. Is this what we are becoming? Are we really the dumbed down society they’ve always wanted us to be? Yes, we are. No one cares what goes on around the World, chances are todays youth will pick up their phone, or gaming system of choice before they pick up a book, much less the News of the day.

No one can sit and have a conversation without picking up their phones, yet I too am guilty. But there are times when it really shouldn’t occur. If there are more than 3 people present there should be some kind of conversation happening, exchange of thoughts, and ideas. I enjoy speaking with others, gaining knowledge, asking questions about things that I have interest in, and do not know much about. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA!




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