Fearless Fantasies

If I was incapable of feeling fear….

That would mean that the element of surprise, the uncertainty level in everything would no longer exist.

Fear can affect whether you move forward because that fear does not allow you to do so. To be too scared to go on that date, talk to your crush, fall in love, quit that job or simply look for another. If you let fear determine whether or not you’ll take that next step chances are you’ll miss out on so much. If you’re too scared to get into a relationship, or fall in love while already in a relationship you could miss out on happiness the relationship can bring you.

If you’re afraid of looking for a job that’s more centered around your career goals because you’re comfortable in your current situation; you need to move forward and away from where you no longer want to be, and if you don’t get out of that comfort zone you won’t know what it’s like to take that job.

I’ve worked for a year as way more than a personal assistant, way more than I knew I was getting myself into. I learned a lot more than I thought I would in the past year. I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore and I realized it was time to leave. You have to know when it’s time to leave and if you stay and get sidetracked from your own goals then what’s the point? One day, when it’s already too late you’ll realize you devoted so many years of your life to fulfilling someone else’s hopes and dreams and in the process you’ve forgotten about your own.

I realized that I gave so much of myself to my boss, while forgetting about my own needs. I, who come first before anyone else. I was too mentally exhausted to work on a paper for my grad class because the day I had at work was so mentally draining. I was tired of getting out so late that my workout time got messed up and my “after work schedule” was ruined. At first it would annoy me to miss my workout. After a while it became the norm because I allowed it to happen.

After time and time again of frustration, tears, anger, complaining, and so many other feelings, I finally decided it was time to move on. I’ve recently landed an internship which I cannot wait to begin! Fear could’ve held me back from taking this position because of the factors involved but I didn’t let that happen. It’s risk over reward, If you don’t take the risk how will you know what the reward is?




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