It’s Thrilling and Terrifying All in the Same Breath.

Tea Breaks With Lauren

Being vulnerable, open and transparent is no easy task. For me, it’s quite terrifying. Putting my trust in someone and allowing them to protect, hold and occasionally make my heart flutter is an extremely uneasy situation for me to be in. I guess you can say I am terrified of falling in love. Yes, of course, love is beautiful. We all know that. Love is something that in undeniable, gradual, sought after my most, and universal. However, as sensational and dynamic as love is, it can also be an intimiDATING (see what I did there) and scary thing. 

Doesn’t it scare you, at least slightly to fall in love? To know that as your relationship progresses the two of you will share intimate, raw, transparent, open moments together. Doesn’t it scare you to know that you are giving your heart to someone and trusting them to not completely shatter it?…

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